Naga is where players can discover constellations (through mouse or touch) inspired by Philippine ethnoastronomy and the music and sounds by Yvonne and Kuseki. No fail state!


This game was a part of RISING SEA 2020 -  A collaboration between game creators in South East Asia where game ideas come from unorthodox mediums encouraging creative freedom and experimentation.


Music : 
Yvonne (SG) Twitter
Kuseki (MY) Twitter

Developed : 
Chikon Club - Facebook Twitter

Cover Art :
Brilcrist - Twitter | Instagram

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsRising SEA Games, chickon club
Made withUnity


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I agree for the most part with the other comments: it is a truly calm and reflective game that likes to take it slow. At least until that sound plays that confirms the completion of a constellation. The sound prompt comes off as loud and sharp over the serene music, cutting through it like a sledgehammer through butter. It takes me out of the moment for a bit every time.

Also, every time a constellation is completed, an image flashes (which I'm guessing is the thing the constellation represents). I thought it might be nice to know what these things are. They flash in the sky for a few seconds and the pictures are (sadly) meaningless to me because I don't know what they are. There's a constellation that looked like a tapered cylinder that appears woven or another rectangular box of some sort, but then what is it? Is it important, and why did the stars represent these things? If there was an intent to show off these alternate interpretations of constellations (most especially since you're inspired by ethnoastronomy) then I felt like there was a missed opportunity for a learning experience.

Nevermind someone outside of the culture; I'm a Filipino and I think this is cool because I'm not exposed to our ancestor's history with the stars. But all this game leaves me with is no more than the gained knowledge that ethnoastronomy is a thing, and I could have easily learned as much from the game's description.


hello, the game was done within a day as part of Rising Sea, but we do plan to come back and expand the game. This was all we can do within a day of development. This paper by Dr. Masong was where we based the constellations off which you can read here: :)

I figured as much. I don't mean any offense by that, but I guessed that time might have been a restricting factor (especially after I read more about the event). I'm interested to see what this eventually grows into later down the line. I'll definitely keep an eye out for that.

Also, YES. I was hoping you'd have material like this. I will also definitely read this.

Also also, thank you for responding. I hope my last comment didn't come off as too snippy. This game felt like it held great potential and I wanted to see that. And I still think it does hold great potential. So as I said, I will be looking out for what comes of this in the future. :D


I really enjoyed that it forced me to sit still for  along time and meditate on what was there. Over all a beautiful reflective game.

So beautiful and simple ~ Others might disagree, but I love the slow pacing of this game - makes it almost a meditative experience